What Makes Dawn Better?

The current trends in Fitness are based on adjectives more than content.

For instance, the word, “core” has much thrown around -much- in the last few ears, mostly because the new generation did not want to hear the word, “abs” because it was used by the previous generation.

NONE THE LESS, there are no muscles in the, “core”.
There are organs and food and it isn’t a secret.

The word. “core” is just a vague way to make the newer generation of exercise participants happy.

Soon, there will be, yet another, “newer” generation and they will respond ONLY to, yet another, slice of jargon.

But the body does not care what we think or say.

A bicep is a bicep and contracts as it contracts, in all people, no matter the noises we feel like making with our faces.

For this reason, precision matters more than adjectives/style.

Humans are so much the same that we, really, can use precise body-mechanics to design exercises.

The Muscle Activation Techniques Internship is head and shoulders above all other study-programs offered in fitness today.


Dawn MacLear spent most of her life studying, Dance, Yoga and Martial Arts and, as much as these disciplines offer much fascinating information they, all, lack precision, all-over muscle-contraction-understanding and focus on visible and conceptual goals instead.

The human body will never care about appearance the way that the human brain does and human emotions do.

So, when we use our bodies and when we seek real achievement, the only real path is to use precise, and thorough, anatomical information, first, and most.

Because she learned, the hard way, that using concepts in not the same as using
precise, and thorough, body-mechanics,  Dawn MacLear  is one of the most precise
exercise-routine creators and she thanks her teachers every day of her life.

When you are ready to know, exactly what your body can do with out any vague/stylish jargon, seek out Dawn MacLear. She is a vessel of her many teachers’ knowledge and can bring the facts to your successes.


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