Muscle Activation Techniques MAT

Muscle Activation Techniques


Muscle Activation Techniques is a unique way of assessing which muscles are not being contracted during the activates of daily living

MATWhen a muscle is not used, the lack of contraction creates crooked pressure on the skeleton and the skeleton responds by changing (at any given time, the skeleton is ten years old, after age ten – bones change due to pressure put upon them).

For a Muscle Activation session, *you* lie on a massage table with your clothes on and your shoes off.

Then, the M.A.T. practitioner has you move your body through a detailed series of ranges of motion for the arms, legs, torso and neck.

By seeing which actions are limited, M.A.T. allows the practitioner to pinpoint the muscle that is not contracting.

The next step is to do a few, isolated muscle exercises and then,  you are given a short list of small exercises to do every day.

Because the limiting of contraction of a muscle has an effect on the whole skeleton, M.A.T. tends to cause the whole body to respond in a positive way to the small exercises.


The Key is to Find the Exact Muscle that Needs to Contract

Muscle Activation Techniques


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