Manage Sciatica

Sciatica Pain Relief

Do You Suffer From… A shooting pain that makes it difficult to stand up A constant pain on one side of the lower back A burning sensation in the side of the thigh Burning or tingling down the leg A cramping sensation of the thigh Tingling sensations in the legs and thighs Numbness or difficulty …

Sciatica Pain Relief

Tap Peanuts

Tap Peanuts
Tap. Dance Choreography
For the theme for “Peanuts”
2:10 minutes

30 minute Cardio + Strength

Category: General Exercise
Type: Combo
Time: 30-minutes
Equipment: pairs of small weights in several sizes, resistabands or similar item

Belly Dance 1

Category: Dance
Type: Belly Dance Basics
Time: 36 minutes
Equipment: Veil/Zills (optional)

8 min CK

Category: Martial Arts
Type: Cardio ( all moves are martial – constant motion = heart strength)
Time: 8 minutes
Equipment: empty hands

Bone Density

Category: Education
Type: Clarification
Time: 4 minutes
Equipment: attention


Category: Education
Type: Information
Time: one minute
Equipment: attention

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