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In the last 30 years, human knowledge has increased by more than the sum of all previous knowledge in almost every sphere.

It is time to re-examine Yoga.

 Evolved YogaYoga is, arguably, 5,000 years old. Yoga was conceived by men who thought that the earth is flat. They did not have the benefit of anatomical knowledge. They went by feel.

The original goal of Yoga is enlightenment. This is still a good goal but one needn’t do drastic poses to achieve enlightenment.

Since Yoga cannot fulfill cardio-respiratory training needs and Yoga is a minimal expression of human strength, Evolved Yoga’s creator, Dawn MacLear, embraced pure flexibility training, the unchanging-routine style of Tai Chi and ended up with a routine that is done slowly and is a better vehicle for meditation.

Yoga cannot make bodies flexible.

No amount of Yoga will get one a job at Cirque Du Soleil. (Contortionists are born and trained…not made.)

The Evolved Yoga routine uses much simpler stretches. Done in flowing blends and held until the stretch reflex releases, the routine starts with the body horizontal to shed the ‘telescoping’ effects of gravity and ends with the body standing and ready to proceed through the activities of daily living.

The Evolved Yoga Routine uses no seated positions because the human body is not designed for sitting.

The Evolved Yoga Routine does not ‘curve’ the spine forward because most spinal discs herniate posteriorly and too many spines age in a ’rounded-forward’ position. The Modern Yoga Routine does not force hip external-rotation because ballerinas and ballet have shown that full external-rotation is a genetic gift.

The Modern Yoga routine is a truly unique flexibility training routine and an exquisite vehicle for thought.


Evolved Yoga is designed to fulfill all of your stretching needs in good posture.

 Evolved YogaMost stretching modalities use very bad posture and ignore the fact that most spinal discs herniate backwards from accumulated damage.

Most stretching styles do not hold the stretches long enough for the muscles to respond at the natural pace of the body.

Dawn MacLear’s Evolved Yoga solves these problems!

The Evolved Yoga routine stretches all the major muscles groups patiently and in good posture for the long-term health and safety of the spine.

Because the pacing and poses have been so significantly changed, Evolved Yoga is a perfect vehicle for meditation and deep breathing.

The breathing, stretching and meditation combination creates a more-than-the-sum-of-it’s-parts affect of super-concentrated rest guaranteed to refresh you even when you are really tired.


Evolved Yoga makes it easier to get through any day!

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